3 Ways to Improve Your Aviation English

Studying aviation english can be a challenge. Learning aviation english can be much easier if you already speak and understand basic english. If you are learning aviation english or looking for other ways to improve your skills, theses methods will help you prepare for the ICAO English Test. 1. Practice with Native English speakers Studying english with only books can …

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ICAO English Test: What You Need to Know

English has long been the common language of aviation.  Pilots and air traffic controllers of varying nationalities have been required to communicate using english.  Previously it was up to each country to create their own standard of aviation english.  However, these standards often vary and as a result miscommunication in the english language has contributed to many aviation accidents.  The International …

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Nose and Tail

    You’re probably already familiar with the words “nose” and “tail”. These are very basic words but are used quite frequently in aviation. Let’s look at why and how these words are used. Nose and tail are both body parts, but when we look at an animal we can see that the nose is at …

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