3 Ways to Improve Your Aviation English

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Studying aviation english can be a challenge. Learning aviation english can be much easier if you already speak and understand basic english. If you are learning aviation english or looking for other ways to improve your skills, theses methods will help you prepare for the ICAO English Test.

1. Practice with Native English speakers

Studying english with only books can become very boring. And when it becomes boring it’s easy to lose motivation. When you communicate with a native english speaker, you learn phrases and words that are not taught in a classroom. You will also learn intonation patters that will help improve your pronunciation (which is graded on the ICAO English Test).


2. Think in English

When I was a student pilot I always had trouble performing maneuvers that I hadn’t practiced in a while. That’s because skills that are learned but not used are often forgotten. Grammar and vocabulary are much easier to maintain if you think in english. Here’s a challenge: Try to complete your next preflight only using english. You may be surprised how much it will help you on the ICAO English Test!


3. Listen to Air Traffic Control

A great way to practice is to listen to a brief radio transmission. Liveatc.net has hundreds of live air traffic control feeds from around the world. Pause the recording and take a moment to think (in english) about what you were able to understand. Try to come up with a response to the transmission you just heard and then press play to see how accurate you are. Want to make it more challenging? Listen to ATC recordings from counties with different accents such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.





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