Nose and Tail



You’re probably already familiar with the words “nose” and “tail”. These are very basic words but are used quite frequently in aviation. Let’s look at why and how these words are used.

Nose and tail are both body parts, but when we look at an animal we can see that the nose is at the front end while the tail is at the back end.


We took these words and used them to describe the front and back end of an airplane as well.





The front part of the landing gear is called the “nose gear”.


The words nose and tail are used to describe an aircrafts attitude.  The airplane in the photo below had an excessive nose high attitude resulting in a tail strike.  What do you think the pilot could have done to prevent this incident from occurring?





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Maarten Visser


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  1. Andrew Maxfield

    The second sentence (after the comma) of the first paragraph would not be understandable to a non-native English speaker. Being a native English speaker myself, it took me a few moments to decipher what you were trying to say.

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