4 Common Ramp Vehicles

Many busy airports all over the world  airports we see many types of vehicles for various types of purposes.  These vehicles help service and prepare airplanes for their flights, usually before the engines are even started.  Here are a few of the most common vehicles that are found operating on the ramp and close to the gate:



A fuel truck usually pulls up along side an airplane that is parked at the gate to refuel it for its next flight.


The belt loader is an important ramp vehicle because it loads baggage and other cargo into an airplane’s baggage compartment.  The reason why it’s called a “belt loader” is because it uses a moving “conveyor belt” to load bags onto the airplane.  A conveyor belt is also used in baggage carousels.


A catering truck supplies the food and beverages to be consumed by the passengers and flight crew.  Catering companies may also clean and prepare the cabin for the next flight.


Once the passengers are seated, the bags loaded and doors closed, it’s time for the airplane to pushback and begin to taxi.  When the airplane is cleared for pushback, the tug will maneuver the aircraft into the proper position.



  • What other vehicles do you see at large airports?
  • What are the most common vehicles that you see?
  • What vehicles do you rely on for your flights?




Photo by Robert S. Donovan

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