Runway Markings

In this brief video I talk about the different markings found on a runway.  I also discuss the various parts of the runway itself.

Runway Vocabulary

  • Threshold
  • Centerline
  • Aiming point
  • Touchdown zone
  • Displaced threshold
  • Blast pad
  • Jet wash
  • Wind sock


Hey guys, this is Collin with Easy Aviation English and I’ve got a quick lesson on runway markings. The “Threshold” shows the beginning of the runway where an airplane can land. The “Centerline” helps the pilot maintain the airplane right in the middle of the runway. The “Aiming point” acts as a reference to touch down in the “Touchdown zone”. A runway may also have a “Displaced threshold”. A displaced threshold is an extended area for an airplane to takeoff but not land. A “Blast pad” is an area to protect objects and people from jet wash. But what is “Jet wash”? Jet wash is fast moving air created by a jet engine. Another word to remember since we’re talking about runways is “Wind sock”. A wind sock measures a winds direction and velocity. Thanks again for watching this video and if you want to learn more about aviation english then visit my website at

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