Basic Taxi Instructions

Taxi instructions provide a way to get from one are of an airport to another. These instructions are given by the controlling facility which may include ramp or ground control. Controllers at larger, busier airports may require more complex taxi instructions in order to safely maneuver. Nonetheless, the phrases and words used are quite simple. Here are a few important phrases that must be correctly understood and readback.



First, the pilot must contact ground control with their current position. When the controller is ready to provide taxi instructions, he or she will first state the end point followed by the route. The words “taxi via” or just “via” describe the route to be taken.


The controller instructs the pilot to taxi to runway 5 using the word “via” to describe the route.


“Hold Short”

In some cases the air traffic controller may require the pilot to stop at an intersecting taxiway or runway for other aircraft.

The pilot is cleared to taxi to runway 34 but must hold short of runway 5. The pilot may continue to taxi to runway 34 only when cleared to cross runway 5.



Photo by Doug Letterman

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